Cherie Hutton, MBA, GPHR

     IN BRIEF, WE ARE . . .
  • a network of highly collaborative HR professionals and consultants. 
  • primarily home-based, but we are willing to go wherever the work takes us.
  • expert resources in human relations with in-depth experience and expansive knowledge. 
  • champions of give-and-take relationships that bring about break-through thinking.  
  • passionate about learning, both for you and for ourselves.   
  • skilled at change management processes and defining measures of improvement. 
  • focused on creating value above all else for those with whom we work .   

   1. We are highly experienced in behavioral and change management processes and 
        programs that are key to successfully implementing improvement strategies.

  2. We will work through your questions, ideas, and concerns with a high level of discretion 
        and integrity to ensure open and on-target options and solutions.  

  3. We use an integrated, holistic approach in working with you and your challenges so that 
        the resulting change is a good fit and, therefore, sustainable. 

  4. We customize our products and services to fit each client's needs in order to assure 
        alignment with the values, goals, and financial requirements of the individual, group or 

  5. We are expert resources and can connect with other resources as needed to assure that 
       you are receiving the best solution possible and we will ensure that you have the measures 
       you will need to track, verify and report your progress.  

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Essentials for Success provides behavioral-based consulting, through counseling, programs, workshops, and project support, for individuals, groups, or organizations who are seeking behavioral, process, or results improvement or guidance in making a difficult change.      

We believe relationship improvement results in personal growth and that this type of positive development can benefit everyone connected. Our experts will identify and define issues, offer options, customize solutions, and support the change processes to guide the outcome to a sustainable solution.  

We offer individual and group consulting, team building processes, new program design and implementation, in-house change processes, workforce transition management, interactive training, and one-time or ongoing project support to ensure that personal goals and organizational objectives are met.  
Essentials for Success