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Our Client List . . .

includes for-profit, not-for-profit, corporate, academic, professional, governmental, union and non-union organizations as well as executive coaching, individual consulting, family coaching, and group facilitation. Our client list includes:  

-  BASF Corporation
        -  DentalEZ
-  DHL Express 
-  KEYper Systems
       -  Mercy Hill Church
-  Nufarm
-  Polypore International, LP
        -  Scientific Design Company LLC

in the classroom,
Comments from Clients . . .

"Cherie partnered with me to build structure around a staffing/selection process that was part of a major reorganization/transformation in our HR group. In some instances, our existing HR staff had to apply and interview for the newly designed roles. Cherie developed the competencies for the newly created top positions reporting to me . . . participated in the interviews, and actively provided her insights in the decision-making process . . . Cherie was flexible in her schedule and available when we needed her. Her insights and contribution to the interview team and decision making process were valuable . . . I was grateful to have Cherie’s guidance as we worked our way through a very sensitive and complex process." 
~ from a Corporate Vice President, HR 

"I brought Cherie into an organizational dilemma that had evolved from simple resistance to in-fighting and productivity loss.  She was able to put structure around the issues, educate the management team, coach them in handling the changes needed, and offer them sound logic and direct feedback on the reality of the actions that needed to be taken . . . Her approach reinforced the management team's role as the decision-makers and helped them to set boundaries around acceptable behaviors."                       
~ from the company's President 

"Cherie's experience, knowledge, customer focus, flexibility, integrity, and engaging style ensured a quality solution. She was able to provide a customized approach that aligned with our culture, fit our budget, and met our timeline. She is the consummate professional - our program is a success thanks to her leadership, knowledge, dedication and structure.” 
~ from the Director, Operations 

"Cherie was instrumental in driving key activities for an acquisition and subsequent integration where speed was of the essence . . . She led the staffing process and ensured that the combined organizational structure included top talent from both organizations . . . We were able to avoid much of the natural resistance to change that can occur in an acquisition/integration situation.  The project set a new standard for how an integration should be accomplished."            
~ from an International Vice President, HR 

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