Essentials for Success takes an integrated and holistic approach to delivering customized programs with sustainable results. Our desire to align with your  values and beliefs differentiates us from others  who might  offer  similar  consulting services. The firm focuses on customizing  its products and services to fit the client's needs or the organizational culture.

Cherie Hutton
Essentials for Success
We use proven, collaborative processes tailored to fit your needs in order to create a sustainable solution for the future. We . . . 

(1)  Define and clarify your needs;

(2)  Work to understand your culture and to customize the solution to align with your culture or your specific requirements;

(3)  Quickly get results through a structured and well-defined methodology;

(4)  Leverage your strengths and our depth of experience in a professional collaboration that delivers exceptional results;

(5)  Develop interactive training that efficiently utilizes your resources and provides applied learning to encourage behavioral change;

(6)  Creatively design programs or modify existing approaches that will recognize and utilize your resources to ensure in-house knowledge transfer; and 

(7)  Define clear measures of success for proven results and continuous improvement. 
Cherie offers a depth and breadth of HR experience in most areas of HR, but is especially skilled in:

  • Organizational design
  • Strategic planning
  • Behavioral change
  • Leadership development and effectiveness
  • Personal and executive coaching
  • Team building
  • Organizational change management
  • Succession planning and talent management
  • Performance management
  • Conflict management
  • Mentoring programs and processes

She enjoys interacting with people who are open to learning and strives to transfer as much knowledge as possible to those with whom she works.  She consults with individuals, families, teams, and organizations and has worked with for-profit/not-for-profit organizations with and without unions, and with families who want to improve their personal relationships.  

Cherie's credentials include:

  • MBA from the Executive Program of Wake Forest University;
  • BA in English from the University of NC in Greensboro;
  • MBTI Master Practitioner in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment for both adults and children (MMTIC);
  • Global Human Resources Professional (GPHR) certification;
  • Organizational Development and Change post-graduate certification from Heriot-Watt University, UK; and
  • Psychometric assessment certification from the British Psychological Society.  
One of the most successful consulting collaborations for Essentials for Success has been its association with Frog's Leap Consulting, LLC, headed by Carol Sommerfield, PhD.  A long-term client dubbed the association of the two companies as "C&C Consulting" and the brand has been adopted by Carol and Cherie when they work together. 


As Essentials' owner and senior consultant, Cherie Hutton brings over 30 years of expertise acquired through experience and education in the Human Resources (HR) field, working in the corporate world and with individuals at all levels of the organizations that she supported.  
C&C Consulting is an inspired affiliation of Carol’s and Cherie’s expertise focused on combining their strengths to achieve the highest quality, custom-fitted solutions for the best results for each client. The collaboration of Frog’s Leap Consulting, LLC (led by Carol) and Essentials for Success (headed by Cherie) creates limitless possibilities.  

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