Moving HR into the Global Arena

This is an expansive workshop to educate your HR organization, or those who might be interested in learning more about international Human Resources, that can be customized to fit your needs.  This program is designed in three parts:

(1) From the Beginning:  the history and coming of age of the HR function; 

(2) The International Challenges for HR:  the challenges that HR is facing in 
balancing the local and global requirements of their respective businesses;  

(3) Integrating Global HR and Organizational Effectiveness:  understanding 
and managing cultural differences through an understanding of organizational 
and cultural behaviors.  

The course is designed in three 3-hour segments and covers all aspects of the movement of businesses from local to international and the impact that has had on the function of Human Resources. This program can be shortened, split up or customized to meet the needs of the audience. 

Included in the program are practical exercises, self-assessments, tips and checklists to provide ways for local HR representatives, and those interested in being more internationally literate, to transition themselves to global professionals, ready to move into the international arena. 

This course was specifically designed as part of a certification program through a community college.  Contact us at or by telephone at 336-298-7900 to discuss how you would like to use this program or adapt parts of the program for your needs.  
A recently customized program, designed and implemented to fit 
the unique cultural and educational needs of the client . . .