MBTI® for Personal and Organizational Effectiveness

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a proven, widely accepted, and globally-used personality preference instrument based on Carl Jung's theories of personality type.  It is a powerful and versatile instrument to help raise individual self-awareness for improved performance, form more positive and productive relationships,  value the differences that can deliver innovation, and create a common, non-threatening language that focuses on behavior, rather than the person.  

The instrument identifies natural preferences (innate tendencies) that are not fully utilized or have been suppressed, but can be accessed and developed to bring about a more fully functioning self.  There may also be facets of the personality that a person would like to modify so that he or she does not fall into the same bad patterns time and time again. 

The elegance of type theory is that it introduces a dynamic system that acknowledges and encourages an individual to change as a part of healthy type development (even as one’s basic type theoretically does not change).   There is emerging evidence that the environment and one's own deliberate intention/efforts can bring about these changes. This is good news for organizations and individuals, especially when positive and trusting relationships are critical for success, behavioral changes are needed to stay competitive, improved communication is key to organizational efficiency, and tapping individual strengths is the primary way to raise the performance of the organization. 

With on-line assessment capability and personalized coaching, an individual can delve into his or her own personality strengths and weaknesses to increase self-awareness and effectiveness in a convenient and highly individualized approach. This individualized data can then be integrated into a team view or used to help improve relationships, whether at work or at home, through consultation with a certified MBTI Master Practitioner.  

We can help you identify the individual and group opportunities that can move your organization to the next level or that can help you personally improve your own self-awareness so that supportive relationships are easier to develop!  

A specialized tool that can be designed and implemented 
to focus on the unique needs of the individual or the team . . .
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