Mentoring:  A Business Strategy

Mentoring programs have been around for some time now.  Some have been successful, but the momentum is difficult to build and even harder to sustain.  We offer a program that is designed from the ground up to align with your culture and to target your specific organizational need, whether it is to develop the next level of leadership, to reinforce your internal talent management program, to focus on minorities in the workplace, to retain key talent, or to transfer critical knowledge as the workforce ages.  Because it is designed from the beginning incorporating your specific needs and requirements, it is a strong, sustainable program that delivers the bottom-line, measurable results that you are seeking.  

We believe that the formal structure brings necessary accountability to the program.  We also believe that the flexible framework and the adaptability of the program content significantly increase the sustainability and value to the organization.  Our program offers a core structure with key deliverables that can be customized or revised as needed: 

  • individual assessment and raised self-awareness through the Myers-Briggs Type 
  • a process to match the mentor and mentee to access the strengths and learning 
  • a mentoring contract with measurable agreements, 
  • a mentee development plan with goals and action plans, 
  • monthly and quarterly reporting mechanisms, and 
  • data gathering tools to measure successes and identify areas for improvement as the mentor-mentee pair work together during the cycle.   

The primary elements of the program include the  design work, individual learning and pairing, an educational workshop during which the contract and development plan are finalized, and follow-up measurement for improvement of the next cycle.   Ideally, the mentoring program is sponsored by a senior organizational leader, managed by a respected business leader, and governed by an appointed Steering Committee that includes the design team to ensure its consistency and continuity.  Planned rotations are highly suggested for the program manager and the governance committee members.   

We can also improve your existing program, using some of the same methodologies and tools, but building on your successes and implementing elements that will be value-added for your organization. We are strong proponents of the value of mentoring in an organization and the development opportunities created for participating employees when it is implemented with commitment, accountability, and measures of success.  Using real work projects and opportunities ensures even more value to the organization and can be used as a means of attracting and retaining key talent.  

A customized program, designed and implemented to fit 
the unique cultural and future development needs of the client . . .
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