Our specialty is developing customized programs and processes to address specific client needs. 

We utilize team building, personal insight and customized development tools, executive and individual coaching, training programs and workshops, competency development and assessment tools. We offer in-depth expertise in organizational interventions, such as strategic planning, leadership development, change management, mentoring, succession planning, acquisition support, individual or team performance improvement, and restructuring processes requiring acceptance or behavioral change.  
We Can Help You Manage Your Strategic Priorities!

Mentoring: A Business Strategy 
​        Mentoring programs have been around for some time now.  Some have been 
successful, but the momentum is difficult to build and even harder to sustain.
We offer a program designed from the ground up to align  with your culture
and to target your specific organizational need. To learn more, click here.

Strategic Staffing and Talent Management
​       Have you heard someone in your organization say, “We need the right person
in the right place at the right time with the right skills,” and did you understand
what he or she meant?  It sounds great, but there is nothing more challenging 
in your organization than having the “four rights” for each of your key positions. 
       Together, we can build a process that works.  To learn more, click here.

Dealing Effectively with Change
Change is not just about introducing a new process or information system.  It 
is more than visioning, mission statements, and employee meetings.  Change 
is about individual behavior and identifying the win-win that encourages people
to let go of the “old” and embrace the “new” so that the total organization can 
move in a different direction. To learn more, click here.

Working in a Virtual Environment
People have asked the question, "Is working virtually a passing fad?" Current 
research shows that virtual teams and remote work are not going away. In fact, 
predictions are that the work environment of the future will not be an office in a 
building  owned by a company, but in your home.  With  technology  advances 
and lower prices, the work can be done from anywhere and that creates a new 
team dynamic for which most are unprepared. To learn more, click here.

Coaching for High Performance
Supported by the theories and concepts that have made “high performance” 
a catch-word for  maximizing  productivity in the  workplace,  this  interactive
exploration of tools and proven techniques will provide you or your team with
a fresh perspective, transferable  applications, personal insights, reference
       resources, and individual coaching to address specific issues or to manage 
the need for change.​ To learn more, click here.

Moving HR into the Global Arena 
The imperative is clear - more and more businesses are becoming global. 
This simple fact is driving significant change in the way Human Resources 
must operate to support their expanding responsibilities. Understanding the
global transition is critical. New areas of expertise are needed. This course
introduces HR people to the global arena in a risk-free and interactive way 
that provides deeper insight for greater success. To learn more, click here.

 MBTI® and Organizational Effectiveness
The  Myers-Briggs  Type Indicator (MBTI)  is a proven,  widely-accepted,  and 
globally-used personality preference instrument based on Carl Jung's theories
of  personality  type.  It is a  powerful  and  versatile  instrument to  help  raise 
individual  self-awareness for  improved  performance, form more positive and 
productive relationships,  value the differences that can deliver innovation, and 
create a  common, non-threatening  language that focuses on behavior, rather 
than the individual. ​To learn more, click here.

Additional Possibilities:  
  • Team Building Programs, customized to your relationship challenges.
  • Conflict Management: turning conflict into positive results. Click here.
  • Aligning Human Resources with the Business Strategy.
  • Stress Management: finding the tools that work!  
  • Your current project or next challenge: How can we help you?

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