Working in a Virtual Environment

This practical workshop, customized to fit your culture, provides “real world” tools for the purpose of facilitating the organization’s ability to bring together a group of people who are expected to work interdependently, share the same purpose across time, space and organizational boundaries, use various shared technologies and communications tools, and collaborate to accomplish the required tasks and organizational targets with minimal or no face-to-face interaction. 

Remote teams have their own special challenge and many of these are covered in this experiential offering to help individuals better understand and adapt to working virtually.  It is both a self-exploration and a tool kit for accomplishing what is required without face-to-face communication or a real understanding of the motivations, knowledge, or preferences of the others who much virtually connect to reach a goal.  
Coaching for High Performance

In a unique and comfortable format, we offer practical applications supported by the theories and concepts that have made “high performance” a catch-word for maximizing productivity in the workplace.  This interactive exploration of tools and proven techniques will provide you or your team with a fresh perspective, transferable applications, personal insights, reference resources, and individual coaching to address specific issues or to manage the need for change.  This course can be customized to your culture and immediate needs while retaining the core content that is specific and applicable to people behavior, attitude, and performance in any environment.    

As a bonus, we offer individual coaching to attendees once they return to the workplace so that the concepts can be more effectively applied and the learning solidified through real-life interactions and follow up.  This program was designed for certification credit for a university and can be adapted to your needs as either an individual program, a team offering, or as a training course in your program.  

The standard 6-hour program covers:  coaching concepts, defining high performance for you or your organization, understanding Human Resources’ role in coaching for high performance, situational coaching, developing a culture of high performance, and interactive exercises that  provide hands-on experience with the concepts and individual learning about how to apply them.  The program length and content can be adjusted to meet your needs. 

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Managing Conflict

Conflict is positive, though it may not feel that way at times, nor does it seem that way when an entire department or family are forced to choose sides.  Understanding conflict - your own style and that of others, knowing when to apply certain styles to reach a positive result, knowing how to calm the emotional reactions connected to conflict - is the focus of this course.  Using the Thomas-Killmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), you will self-assess to determine your conflict-handling modes.  This course will explore the simple fact that conflict is neither good or bad in itself.  Rather it has the potential for both positive and negative outcomes.  

Through examples, role-playing, and fun activities, participants will learn how to recognize what is happening, how to minimize the emotional reactions, and how to constructively define a path for a win-win solution.  Behavioral consciousness is the key to conflict management; this course will provide the depth needed to make conflict a positive and productive process.